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5 Strategies for Entering the U.S. Marketplace

by Bruce A. Fox [1] At some point in the life cycle of any Latin American manufacturing or distribution business, it may become reasonable, perhaps necessary, to begin to look beyond the company’s own domestic market and to explore opportunities across national borders.  Frequently, in light of its size and

February 8, 2017 City of Chicago Construction Summit

The City of Chicago Department of Procurement Services 5th annual Construction Summit 2017 was held on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at the JLM Abundant Life Center in Chicago, IL. The event attracted a significant number of prime contractors, sub-contractors, and construction-related business owners. Attendees received details for upcoming construction projects. Guest

February 7, 2017 Venture Capital Investment Presentation

The February 7, 2017 Venture Capital Presentation featured the following companies pitching for capital: Nuni Toaster The original tortilla toaster that is a new device that combines the quality from using a stove with the convenience of using a microwave. eFuneralPlan A real-time quoting system that actively syncs consumers to

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